RFID Key Tags

Electrical Characteristics  
Operating Frequency

125 KHz ; 13.56 MHz

Reading Distance Depends on the Reader
Available Chip Type HITAG 1; HITAG 2; HITAG S; MIFARE® Classic IK; MIFARE® Classic 4K; I-CODE (Read & Write); Ti 256, INSIDE 2K ; TK 4100
Memory Size 204 bits / 96 bits
Physical Charateristics  
Material ABS&PC; Leather
Dimension 46 (L) mm X 36 (W) mm (Other Shape & Size on request).
Weight 5.8 gms
Color Black; Sky Blue; Red
Temperature 20º C to +85º C
Printing Options Logo printing using laser engraving.
  Logo printing using screen printing one colour.
  Serial number printing using laser engraving.
Data Maintenance 10years,EMS memory can be wiped or written over 100K times
Area of Application

Access Control, Parking, Staff identification, Property tracking.