Plastic Cards

ID Tech Solutions being the leading trader, exporter, manufacturer and provider of PVC cards has come-up with a wide range of blank white PVC plastic cards. Our high quality plain white PVC Platic cards are of the premium quality, which is available across India. Also, we offer a quick delivery time.

We offer quality cards at an attractive price in the industry and within the desired time. We also Supply Card Printers. You can contact us for having a consistent supply of high-quality Plain White Plastic cards as per quality parameters and requirements. Being in the industry for 15 years we provide plastic cards with quality standards assured. These PVC cards can be used to make: Plastic Gift Card, Plastic Business Card, Plastic ID Card, Membership Card, Loyalty Card, Fundraiser Card, School ID Card, Photo ID Card, Photo ID Badge, Any ID Badge or ID card, Plastic Luggage tags, For Marketing and other customized use.

  • Pre Printed Cards

    Pre Printed Cards

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    Our pre- printed cards are of high quality and excellent printing with elegant look and design. We ensure ultra- fine printing by using four color (CMYK) printing, also called full color printing. Our cards are printed on Heidelberg Press.

  • White Blank PVC Plastic Cards

    Blank Cards

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    We offer ultra- graphics plastic cards of finest quality, high durability and capable of printing in any business card printer. Added to the quality, our quick delivery and service makes us and our products stand out in the market.

  • Loyalty Cards

    Loyalty Cards

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    Our simple/ smart cards are used extensively as Loyalty Cards. A strong base of loyal customers is a pre- requisite of any business. Our loyalty cards not only do branding of the company, but also ensure enhanced  business opportunities.

  • Plastic Luggage Tags

    Luggage/Bag Tags

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    We provide rugged luggage tags which are attractive looking. Luggage tags, also known as baggage tags, or baggage checks have traditionally been used by bus, train and airline companies to route passenger luggage that is checked on to the final destination.

  • Magnetic Stripe Cards

    Magnetic Stripe Cards

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    We offer a wide range of magnetic cards having magnetic lining up to 3 layers. Printing as well as encoding of our Lo-co and Hi-co Magstripe cards can be done with extreme ease. Durability of our cards is ensured as our cards are of very high quality.

  • Transparent Cards

    Transparent Cards

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    We offer transparent as well as translucent cards with exquisite printing, attractive looks and finest quality. New and innovative printing designs, attractive looks and the quality of our transparent cards is capable of attracting people in the first look.

  • Gift Cards

    Gift Cards

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    We offer a variety of gift cards which may be simple cards as well as smart cards depending on the requirement. Gift cards are the newest trend and an excellent way of making a strong base of loyal customers and ensuring long lasting relationship with them.

  • Scratch Cards

    Scratch Cards

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    We provide a comprehensive range of scratch cards, which are made of high quality paper or plastic sheets. There is a variety of scratch cards available with us in terms of features like thickness, shape, size and color.

  • Discount Cards

    Discount Cards

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    Our plastic discount cards, with their elegant looks and attractive designsprovide our clients with an excellent way of marketing and rewarding their existing customers and attracting new ones and are an ideal way to track your customer spending.