RFID Gate Readers

  • UHF Gate Readers

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    ID TECH SOLUTION presents, latest RFID Gates with smart and easy way to track attendance of students in schools with 100% accuracy.

    • Smart Gate are standalone units.
    • Easy to install.
    • With industrial computer inside
    • Plug and play device.
    • Compatible to sending data on cloud server.
    • With real time SMS sending facility at the time of attendance of students.
    • With all possible features related to the students attendance.
  • RFID HF Gate Readers

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    IDTL5283 is a high performance RFID Anti-theft Gate which can read tags in three-dimensional orientation complying with ISO/IEC 15693.
    IDTL5283 RFID anti-theft gate supports AFI, EAS, AFI+EAS, UID detection functions, with light and alarm double warning, supports offline application and muti-antenna paralleling use, automatically people counting and displaying the number of check-in/ check-out . Mainly used in smart library, achieve etc fields.