• RFID PCB Tags

    RFID PCB Tags

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    RFID UHF PCB Tag provided by ID Tech Solutions are designed on FR-4 base material, solving the problem that tag can’t work well on the metal surface. RFID PCB Board tag systems are used widely now in management and identification of the goods and assets. It is compliant with EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C), mainly applied to warehouse logistics management, IT asset management, inventory management, assets management, automotive component tracking, industrial manufacturing, etc.

  • RFID Ceramic Tags

    RFID Ceramic Tags

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    ID Tech Solutions provides RFID Ceramic tags of ceramic material features having better permittivity, more robust when comparing with the conventional RFID tags. ID Tech RFID provides the best-in-class ceramic RFID tags for all industrial applications.

  • RFID Cable Seals

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    ID Tech Solutions provides RFID cable seals or antitamper cable seals combines the mechanical security of traditional LEGHORN CABLE SEAL product together with the electronic security offered by the latest radio frequency-based automatic identification (RFID) techniques.
    The plastic enclosure of the seal, in robust ABS material, embeds an electronic chiptag with unique code that not only enables the automatic identification of any container or transport vehicle, which the seal is attached onto, but enables also immediate, easy and reliable readings of the integrity status of the seal, by giving information about any tamper evidence.

  • RFID Bolt Seals

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    ID Tech Solutions provides RFID bolt seals which provides a positive barrier to unauthorised entry or tampering and are impossible to open without destroying the seal or leaving visible damage. These C-TPAT compliant bolt seals qualify as “High Security” seals and comply with ISO 17712:2013. These snapper bolts can only be used once and must be removed by bolt cutters, providing anti-theft protection as well as preventing barrier loosening and associated damage.
    Protection for containers in transit
    Steel bolt in a tough plastic casing
    Requires bolt cutters to remove

  • Rfid Windshield Tags For Cars, Buses, Trucks, And Other Vehicles

    RFID Windshield Tags

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    ID Tech Solutions provides a comprehensive range of premium quality Rfid Windshield Tags For Cars, Buses, Trucks, And Other Vehicles. These tags are designed for fast and reliable vehicle identification. The passive UHF tag is designed to work on car windshield glass and suitable for wide section of Vehicles.

  • RFID Laundry Tags

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    ID Tech Solutions provides a wide range of Eco friendly soft silicone rfid laundry tags which are the ideal choice for tracking laundered items such as garments, robes and towels It is great to be used in hospitals, nursing homes and garment industries and the hospitality. The 360° read profile means you can track the tags from any angle. Flexible low-profile design offers versatile attachment methods. Sew these soft silicone rfid laundry tags directly into the seams and hems of garments, blankets and other products; heat-seal tags onto fabrics; or place them in small pouches, then stitch into a seam or hem. The soft silicone rfid laundry tags can be dry cleaned or washed more than 500 times in hot, soapy water with expected life span of 5 years. Resistant to high temperatures, tags can be ironed at 200°F with a press cloth for up to 10 seconds, placed in a dryer for up to an hour at 185°F and/or sterilized in an autoclave.

  • RFID Tyre Tags For Cars, Buses, Trucks, And Other Vehicles

    RFID Tyre Tags

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    ID Tech Solutions Provides UHF RFID Tyre tag which accord with EPC Class1 Gen2/ISO18000-6C v.These RFID tyre tags for cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicle sare specially designed to survive the high temperatures encountered in the tyre re-treading process and is sturdy enough to remain operational throughout the operating life of the tyre.

  • RFID Jewellery Tags Or RFID Jewellery Hard Tags/Labels

    RFID Jewellery Hard Tags

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    ID Tech Solutions offers a wide range of RFID Jewellery Tags Or RFID Jewellery Hard Tags/Labels, which has a smooth surface for convenient labelling of price, material, style or other information. These are very small and attractive in size & shape with multi read/write capability and also dust & Waterproof. These are Flexible Read/Write Range (reader dependant). Insensitive to almost all non metallic materials.

  • RFID Jewellery Label Tags

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    RFID jewellery tags provided by ID Tech Solutions are contactless and could be written with different functions. These rfid jewellery labels specially are designed for use in jewellery market communities such as jewellery warehouse and jewellery shops management. It could meet perfectly the tracking requirement of the jewellery industry in terms of size, shape and ease of fixation. Our rfid jewellery labels is embedded in a white patented adhesive label adoptable to any type of jewellery, including rings, earrings and necklaces. And the labels enable jewellery to be quickly and reliably identified all along their distribution chain, from warehouses to point-of-sales, Whether in bags, on trays or on shelves, several pieces of jewellery can be easily
    inventoried using fixed or portable RFID reading stations.

  • RFID Pallet Tags

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    ID Tech Solutions provides a wide range of RFID pallet Tags in all frequencies and to suit any RFID application – even on-metal. Container or Pallet identification, Warehouse applications or Inventory and Asset marking. Our pallet tags are manufactured in various dimensions to suit your needs while meeting the required read range. Being compatible with most readers and printers in the industry while keeping consistent performance. These tags are made with high quality materials and adhesive for easy application, re-usability and durability.

  • RFID Solar Tags Or RFID Solar Panel Tags

    RFID Solar Tags

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    ID Tech Solutions offers a wide range of specially designed RFID Solar Tags Or RFID Solar Panel Tags with enhanced read range compared to standard passive UHF tags for similar usage. These tags provide absolute reliability and accuracy, with superior read rates on solar panels and modules. They are specifically designed for Solar Panels with long lasting capability in harsh environment.

  • RFID Laptop Tags

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    ID Tech Solutions provides RFID laptop tags which are ideal for tracking laptop, its applications and their movements. This is the ideal product to keep track of their in-stock assets and a real-time IN and OUT time-stamp of their laptops with a perfect alert system for unauthorized movements. The movement of the Assets are automatically captured in the back-end database without any manual supervision. In a large company or department, sometimes hundreds of IT assets are laying around waiting to be distributed, fixed, sold, or kept in inventory. RFID Laptop tracking tags can replace your mountainous piles of sticky notes with a more efficient and functional way.