ID Tech Solutions provides Slave reader KR600 which has a read range of up to 10cm for proximity card and 5cm for Mifare card. This reader has an external LED control, along with external Buzzer Control. This reader is widely used in Indoor/Outdoor operation. This reader is Solid Epoxy potted and is alsowWaterproof (IP65).This reader is widely used in different domains in different industries.

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KR503E: 125 KHz Proximity Card Reader

KR503M: 13.56Mhz Proximity Card Reader

Read Range: KR503E – Upto 10cm, KR503M – Upto 5cm

Communication: RS485

Reading Time(Card): ≤ 300ms

Power/Current: DC 6-14V / Max. 70mA

Input Port: 2ea (External LED Control, External Buzzer Control)

Output Format: 26bit Weigand (default) / 34bit Weigand (default)

LED Indicator: 2 Color ED Indicators (Red and Green)

Beeper: Yes

Operation Temerature: -20° C to +65°C

Operating Humidity: – 10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing

Color: Black

Dimension(WxHxT): 116x75x17.3mm