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The ID Tech Solutions provides RFID syringe contains the syringe body and RFID glass transponder, which specially designed for tracking of pet, management of animal raising and slaughter management. It meets the international standard of animal identification. It is designed and produced with the super RFID chip from EM Microelectronic or NXP and it has both read and write functions and also has a unique design of data security.
We have an excellent working knowledge of LF (Low Frequency), HF (High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency). Our engineers are well equipped to design RFID management software to work seamlessly in the most demanding environment.

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ID Tech solutions is a leading supplier of animal identification products like RFID Animal Injectable Tags, Animal Transponder, animal visual tags, animal visual RFID tags in Asian and Pacific area. We provide professional pet ID microchips, animal electronic ear tags, readers, handheld equipment and system integration. All our animal identification products are developed and produced based on 134.2 KHz ISO11784/85 FDX-B standards.

We devote ourselves to providing RFID solutions to animal tracking, animal husbandry information and food safety & source tracking management. This product meets all international standards of animal identification (ISO 11784/ ISO 11785). These syringe is produced using top quality European chips with read/write capability and features unique data security. These injectable tags for livestock are highly recommendable for animals like Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, cow, buffalo, and various other too. For slaughter house management, poultry farms, hatchery , gaushala, they use these tags and also widely used by government bodies for keeping records of all types of strays and pets. Coupled with ID Tech reader series, IDT010 provides a beneficial solution in animal breeding, slaughter management and animal identification.

IDT010 is a kind of syringe that designed exclusively for animals. It contains a disposable syringe, a perylene coating microchip, 6 one-dimensional bar code labels and a sterilized paper plastic packing pouch.

FEATURES RFID Animal Injectable Tags, Animal Transponder

Designed especially for animal identification

Embedded ICAR approved glass transponder

Bio-compatible glass encapsulation

Pre-sterilized and ready to use

Individually packaged in a disposable needle

Product CodeKD-IN-LW
RFID Animal Glass Transponder
ProtocolISO 11784/ 11785 FDX-B, GB/T 20563-2006
Microchip TypeEM4305/ Hitag-S256
Data Memory512-bit RW/ 256-bit RW
DimensionØ 2.12 x 12 mm
Housing MaterialBio glass 8625
Syringe & Packaging
Syringe ColorTransparent
Syringe MaterialPolypropylene
Syringe Dimension170mm x 20mm
Packaging MaterialMedical-grade sterilization pouch
Packaging Size230mm x 75mm
Syringe SterilizationEO Gas
Operating Temperature-10˚C – 45˚C
Storage Temperature-20˚C – 50˚C
Period of Validity5 Years