Visual Tags (Cattle)

Visual Tags (Cattle)

I D Tech Solutions offers a complete range of visual tags for Livestock Identification. We offer multiple shapes and sizes to suit the need for all kinds of animals – Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Pigs and other categories of animals. We also provide animal Identification though RFID Injectable Tags, RFID Ear Tags and RFID Bolus. ID Tech offers high quality products that exceed industry standards. As an ID Tech customer you’ll benefit from the proven track record for innovation, new products and unparalleled product delivery and services.


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Along with Visual Identification Tags we are also into Electronic ID Tags. We are consistently introducing new and improved products based on sound manufacturing and an understanding of how those products need to perform in real world conditions.


VISUAL EAR TAGS Sizes available:

Size 1 F : 35 * 45 mm M : 28mm Dia

Size 2 F : 42 * 50 mm M : 28mm Dia

Size 3 F : 58 * 69 mm M : 28mm Dia



Specification :

Material : Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer ( TPU)

Colour : Multiple Colour options available

Flexibility : High flexibility, tear resistance, mechanical strength Closed female head to ensure tamper proof design and the animal do not hurt themselves