RFID Livestock Reader

RFID Livestock Reader

ID Tech Solutions offers IDR RFID Reader which is a RFID livestock reader also known as RFID animal tag reader, ideal companion for animal veterinary practices, pet rescue shelters and low-volume manual scanning operations. Additionally, they can serve as effective back-ups for animal identification and tracking management. They can read all FDX-B ISO11784/5-compliant microchips/tags. ID Tech provides the reader’s software development kit (SDK).

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Model IDR RFID Reader which is a RFID animal tag reader, also known as RFID livestock reader, can serve as effective back-ups for animal identification and tracking management. It has the Bluetooth communication function, by which you can transfer the information on the reader wirelessly to your PC. Apart from that IDR has USB communication function also which makes it more convenient and easy to transfer data faster.

This RFID tag reader is highly reliable for reading cattle rfid tags, sheep rfid tags, dog rfid tags, goat rfid tags, horse rfid tags, bird rfid tags, and various other animal breeds. This reader is also the perfect companion for tracking and keeping records of animals in slaughter house management, poultry farms, hatchery , gaushala, and also widely used by government bodies for keeping records of all types of strays and pets.

This RFID livestock reader is portable, handy, easy to use, and can be used directly on the tag to scan the tag. It is the perfect combination of technology and power backed by rechargeable battery. With the simple user interface, it makes it compatible to be used by anyone in all the situations and also compatible with various types of low frequency tags. It is also compatible with different international languages which again makes it priority of many users for keeping the track of livestock.

Specification of RFID Livestock Reader

System: ARM (STM32)

Keyboard: 3 Keys

Screen: 128*32 OLED

Sound: Beep

Clock: Valid

Length: 20cm

Reading Distance: 7-10cm

Battery: AA (3pcs)

Operating Frequency: Low Frequency (134.2 & 125Khz)

OEM & ODM: Accepted

Communication: Bluetooth

Standby: 7 Days

Continuous Working Period: 12 Hours

Operating Humidity: 5%-9%

Operating Temperature: 0°C – 50°C

Store Temperature: -20°C – 65°C

Certificate: CE Certificate

PT 180 A: No Interface / PT 180 U: USB / PT 180 B: Bluetooth

Language: English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, etc.

Standard: ISO11784/5

Data Memory: EEPROM (32 KB Bytes, can store upto 2000 data)

Advantages: Rugged, Dust-Proof and Water Resistant, designed to work reliably in harsh conditions.