• Description


ID Tech’s Mobile MSR reader is the easiest to use Magnetic stripe reader. It is portable, very small in size and can be connected to mobile phones of a variety of platforms such as Apple and Android for reading magnetic stripe cards. Its mobile and small- size enable users to readdebit cards, credit card, gift cards, loyalty cards, smart card transactions. The mobile MSR reader is connected through the audio jack to the phone and the smart cards are simply swiped through the Mobile MSR reader; data associated with the Magstripe cards is captured and is brought into further use.

Mobile MSR Magstripe readers can be brought into use in various applications such as E POS, E purse application, Event management, Parking management, Mobile ticketing etc.

Features of Mobile MSR are:

·         Plugs into audio headphone jack- no cables

·         Mechanical design allows easy and reliable card swipe

·         Supports DES, 3DES and AES encryption

·         DUKPT KEY Management

·         Reads up to two or three tracks of card data

·         Superior Magstripe reader performance

·         Bi- directional card reading

·         Low battery consumption

·         No external power supply required