Active Directional Reader IDT-528

Active Directional Reader IDT-528

IDT 528 directional active RFID reader is specially designed for School & Family Communication System, which has the features of high identification and reliability, strong expandability, etc. The read range is adjustable within 8~260 meter.

  • Description


•    Support RS-232, 10/100M Adaptive Ethernet and customized interfaces.
•    External interface and power supply configurable for users’ need, enhancing flexibility of systematic integration
•    Intelligent antenna technology, with directional identification of tag, and linear coverage of the identification range.
•    Multi-group I/O ports: Input interface can detect the TTL or pulse signals of connected devices’, used to control the working status of the reader. Output interface can control other devices according to TTL or pulse signals through predetermined conditions
•    Support active reading, passive identifying, command trigger, timing trigger, external trigger and other modes, to meet users’ various integration needs
•    Support multi-reading, Multi-reader operating under intensive environment
•    Reading distance is auto-regulation or adjustable
•    Strong API port
•    PVC plastic shell, high-tension, IP Rating IP67
•    School & Family Communication System
•    Corporation Personnel Management
•    Automatic Vehicle Identification
•    Parking management, Highway Toll Collection
•    Warehousing and logistics
•    Flash memory (optional)

RF Parameters
Operating Frequency 2.4-2.48GHz
Sensitivity -95dBm
Communication Interfaces RS-232, 10/100M Adaptive Ethernet
Optional Interfaces RS-485, Wiegand 26/34
I/O Port 2- channel relays output(optional), 2- channel trigger input(optional)
Firmware Upgrade Upgrade through Serial Port
Application Software Platform Provide development kit of API(C++ and C#)
Tag operation
Tag Protocol Private Protocol
Tag Operating Mode Compatible with active and passive operating mode tags
Reading Range 0-260m (depend on the tag power output)
Identification Speed 200pcs/s (tag ID)
Anti-confliction Identifying 300pcs tag at the same time
Mechanical & Electrical performance
Indicator Buzzer
Product Dimensions 315mm×200mm×110mm
Package Dimensions 380mm×245mm×135mm
Net Weight 1.7kg
Gross Weight 2.5kg
Power Supply DC5V input
Power Consumption 300mW
Operating Temperature -40ºC~+60ºC
Storage Temperature -60ºC+80ºC
Humidity 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
IP Rating IP67
Shock Resistance 10~500Hz, 100mm/15g, triaxial