RFID HF Gate Readers

ID Tech Solutions provides a comprehensive range of UHF readers which can be used for UHF RFID Gates readers, which is an advanced management system for Automatic Time Attendance for Schools, Personnel Tracking in Manufacturing Plants, Library Security, Access Control. The Advantage of using UHF gates is it saves time, accurate, more reliable can be used in demanding environment and even in crowded areas, there is no need to flash the card. The gate has an inbuilt motion detector to allow only persons with a valid RFID card to enter.

  • Description


·Three-dimensional orientation detecting, tags can be detected in all directions.
·aisle width more than 90 cm(relative to tags quality and size).
·Support multiple -channel paralleling usage.
· Support EAS and AFI optional detection
·Support EAS+AFI mixed detection
·Support Tag UID detection
·Support direction discrimination and statistic the number of people check-in/ check-out.
·8bits digital tube display, counting No. of people check-in/ check-out and device parameters can be displayed
·Support relay output control
·Upgradeable firmware, support redevelopment and custom-made as requirement

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters Operating Frequency 13.56MHz±7KHz
Protocol ISO/IEC15693¸ ISO18000-3
Aisle Width Maximum:90cm(relative to the tags quality and size)
Infrared Sensors 2 pairs
Communication Interface standardRS232/Ethernet, RJ45(optional)
Output Impedance 50Ω
Tag overlapping area


Max:25%( adjacent tags)
Cascade NO. Max: 99pcs
Rated Power <25W
Operating Voltage 220VAC 50/60Hz
Environmental Parameters Operating Temperature -10ºC~55ºC
Storage Temperature – 20ºC~70ºC
Humidity Range 20%~90% RH
Physical Parameter Dimensions Antenna body size



Pedestal size
L*W*Thickness(mm): 1663*630*46mm L*W(mm): 697*120
Weight/pc 30Kg
Color Transparent
Housing Material Acrylic