RFID Cable Seals

ID Tech Solutions provides RFID cable seals or antitamper cable seals combines the mechanical security of traditional LEGHORN CABLE SEAL product together with the electronic security offered by the latest radio frequency-based automatic identification (RFID) techniques.
The plastic enclosure of the seal, in robust ABS material, embeds an electronic chiptag with unique code that not only enables the automatic identification of any container or transport vehicle, which the seal is attached onto, but enables also immediate, easy and reliable readings of the integrity status of the seal, by giving information about any tamper evidence.

  • Description


This is a High Security Seal, Univocally identifies the container or the vehicle to which it is attached

It can be easily and reliably read by fixed reading units placed at transit gates or by handheld reading units manually operated by inspectors and gives back it unique code as a basic RFID seal

When compared to standard RFID seals, tamper evident RFID seals are able to permanently store into their memory the tamper event by activating a status bit named TAG TAMPER ALARM, thus providing immediate information about seal status at readings (tampered/not tampered);


Radio Frequency specification
Frequency:860 – 960 MHz – UHF EPC Global
Reference RF Standard:ISO/IEC 18000-6C
RF Protocol:EPC Class 1 Gen2 / ISO/IEC 18000-6C
Mechanical specification
Material                                                                                               Aluminum + ABS  or polystyrene in accordance

with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

IP ProtectionIP66
Operative Temperature– 30°C / + 80 °C
Storage Temperature– 30°C / + 80 °C
ISO 17712:2013yes
Electronic specification
Reading distance handheld reader3 m (dependig on reader) (9′)
Reading distance gate reader8 m (dependig on reader) (26′)
Read / write cycles:10000
Data retention:20 years
Password protection:yes
Tamper Detection:yes
TID (tag unique identification):                                              yes
S/N in memory (same of seal):yes