RFID Cable Ties

ID Tech Solutions provides UHF RFID cable tie tag that has a long reading distance, which is perfectly suitable for large warehouse management. With a UHF cable tie tag and a UHF integrated reader, the reading distance could achieve 6 meters or above. The reader distance varies for different readers.

Besides, UHF’ character of anti-collision makes it much easier in practical operating. Several tags could be detected by the reader in one time, which saves a lot of time. With the RFID cable tie even metallic objects can be identified as well as objects that cannot be labelled.

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These RFID cable ties are particularly suitable for the identification of big bags, tubes, metal boxes, small containers and recycled material and cannot be removed without destroying it.
RFID Cable tie tag can be widely applied in warehouse management, pallet, in-land transportation, cash bags, postal bags and case tagging.

RFID Cable Ties


Operating frequency: 840-960MHz EPC global class1 gen2

Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6C compliant

Read distance: up to 10m (reader dependent)

Type: alien higgs-3/4, monza 4/4QT/5/R6, UCode

Memory: chip dependent

IP rating: IP68

Dimensions: Variable

Material: PVC, Nylon

Storage temp.: -25°C to +50°C

Operating temp.: -25°C to +50°C

Shelf life: 5 year

Mounting: ties

Customization: logo printing, colour

Areas of application: baggage tags, secure transportation, container tracking