RFID Ceramic Tags

ID Tech Solutions provides RFID Ceramic tags of ceramic material features having better permittivity, more robust when comparing with the conventional RFID tags. ID Tech RFID provides the best-in-class ceramic RFID tags for all industrial applications.

  • Description


RFID Ceramic Tags provided by ID Tech Solutions are highly reliable, durable, and efficient enough to resist water. These RFID ceramic tags are heat resistant, chemical resistant. These tags are possible to be placed on metal surface with customised shapes. These tags are generally used in medical equipments, oil and gas pipeline, drill management and various other harsh environment. These tags are known as Passive HF / UHF RFID Ceramic Tags or HF/UHF RFID Tags On Ceramic With Long Reading Range. These tags are very small, have the tendency to withstand high temperature and high pressure.

These tags are generally have two parts: Tag Antenna and The Chip. The tag antenna is made of a dielectric base and a conductive area, whereas, the chips are need to be matched with their compatible chip before being utilized in end application. These tags are highly recommendable for medical equipments, handheld hardware tools, and various small equipments metal or non metal surface both.

With the high dielectric ceramic core, our RFID Ceramic Tags have superior read performance with minimum footprints, our ceramic RFID tags are the ideal RFID tags for applications where need to attach to or embed in metal assets. The durable ceramic structure makes the ceramic tags are able to survive the harsh application environment, and some of them can withstand medical sterilization process with 150 degrees Celsius.

Typical applications for ADC ceramic RFID tags:

  • RFID Tool tracking and identification
  • Data center IT asset management
  • Medical asset management
  • Laboratory RFID application


Specifications Of RFID Ceramic Tags:

ElectricalOperating Frequency840-960 MHz EPCGlobal Class 1 Gen 2
ProtocolISO/IEC 18000-6C compliant
Read Distance6-10m (Reader dependent)
Chip TypeTypeAlien Higgs-3/4, Monza 4/4QT/5/R6, UCODE
MemoryChip Dependent
MechanicalIP RatingIP 68
Environment ProtectionStorage Temperature-40°C to +150°C
Operating Temperature-40°C to +150°C
Shelf LifeIn Years
Options AvailableMountingAdhesive/Rivets
CustomizationLogo/Serial No.
Areas of ApplicationWarehouse, Container Tracking, Railway Coaches, Automotive, High Temperature, Weapon Management