RFID UHF PCB Tag provided by ID Tech Solutions are designed on FR-4 base material, solving the problem that tag can’t work well on the metal surface. RFID PCB Board tag systems are used widely now in management and identification of the goods and assets. It is compliant with EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C), mainly applied to warehouse logistics management, IT asset management, inventory management, assets management, automotive component tracking, industrial manufacturing, etc.

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ID Tech Solutions Provides a wide range of RFID PCB Tags, that can be used for various purpose. RFID PCB Tag can be easily placed or can be embedded on PCB for a better tracking in various industries as Supply Chain Management, Logistics Tracking & Management, Production Tracking, Inventory Control, Product Authenticity. These tags are mounted directly on PCB.

Our PCB RFID Tags are highly reliable, durable, with anti counterfeit technology and absolutely compatible on high temperatures comparatively. These are also known as smart PCB with RFID tags. The working remains same and can be easily deployed for all types of tracking. These tags are such small that they can be easily embedded with electronic equipments like Mobile Phones, LED’s, Computers and other electronic devices that contains a PCB. Apart from this these can also be used in consumer goods, medicines straps and medical equipments, Metallic Molds, Hardware tools, etc. These tags have its own advantages as it needs very low space on the PCB, can work easily without antenna, and can also communicate without line-of-sight connection possible.


Specifications Of RFID PCB Tags:

Distance lecture à 865-868 Mhz (ETSI)1.5 – 2.5 m
Compatible with metal (iron)Yes
EPC Memory (bits)96 to 480 bits
Chip typeAH3
User Memory (bits)512 bits
Maximum temperature150°c / 302°f
EPC Gen2Yes
Operation temperature-40 / 150°c
HF/NFC Frequency (13,56 MHz : high frequency)No
Use categoryMetal
Minimum temperature-40°c / -40°f
RFID UHF Frequency (860 MHz – 960 MHz : ultra high frequency)No
LF Frequency (125 kHz – 134,2 kHz : low frequency)No