• Description


SF-3000 is a state of the art access csontrol system with the highest performance in fingerprint recognition, access control management, and efficient time attendance.


One of the world’s fastest fingerprint readers
2,000 fingerprints read & recognition in 0.3 seconds Can save up to 3,000 fingerprints and 300,000 events

Built in 2.5inch graphic LCD screen
Displays detailed information such as date, time, user guide and user list, etc.

Any Direction Fingerprint Recognition
Can read fingerprints placed in any direction

Supports USB memory stick
Can easily upload & download records of fingerprint data, events, time and attendance with a USB memory stick

Wiegand Protocol
Compatible with other access controller system using the Wiegand Protocol ㆍAutomatic fingerprint recognition
Automatically read and recognize fingerprints without using Start Button ㆍConfigurable Access control
The ability to set a specific date (date & time zones) to control access effectively


  • CPU ㆍARM9 200MHz
  • Memory ㆍ64MB Flash, 32MB SRAM
  • Display ㆍ2.5″ B/W Graphic LCD
  • Communication Type ㆍTCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485
  • External Interface ㆍWiegand, USB
  • User Registration ㆍ2,000/10,000/30,000 User’s Fingerprints
  • Event log ㆍMaximum 300,000 events
  • Operation Mode ㆍPassword/Fingerprint/Card Mixture
  • In/Out point ㆍ8 In / 4 Out
  • Power ㆍ12V DC 500mA
  • Product size ㆍ115(H) x 175(W) x 59(D)mm
  • Other ㆍFirmware Upgrade available
  • ㆍError search function available
  • ㆍCE, FCC certified

System Layout

  • Safe, secure and economical access control system
  • Any new installations can be integrated into existing access control systems
  • Securing facilities, reducing costs via time management