Contact Card Readers – ACR 39 U

ID Tech Solutions provides a wide range of contact card readers but, with its sleek, stylish design and powerful core, the ACR39U is the ideal peripheral for your smart card applications like e-Banking and e-Payment.Featuring a USB Full Speed interface and a smart card read/write speed of up to 600 Kbps. Highly durable, ACR39U can last for 100,000 card insertion cycles.

EMV 2000 Level 1 and PBOC certified, fully compliant with PC/SC and CCID specifications, and supports various operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac. Additionally, ACR39U may be used on mobile devices running on the Android platform versions 3.1 and above.

  • Description


• Dimensions: 72.2mm (L) x 69.0mm (W) x 14.5mm (H)
• Compliance / Certifications: EN60950/IEC 60950, ISO 7816, USB Full Speed, EMV Level 1 (Contact), PC/SC, CCID, CE, FCC, WEEE, RoHS 2, REACH, TAA (USA), J-LIS (Japan), VCCI (Japan), PBOC (China),Microsoft WHQL
• Interface: USB 2.0 Full Speed
• Supply Current: Max. 50 mA
• Operating Temperature: 0-60 °C
• CLK Frequency: 4.8 MHz
• MTBF: 500,000 hrs
• Smart Card Interface Support: ISO 7816 Class A, B and C ( 5 V, 3 V, 1.8 V )
• Operating System Support: Windows,Linux,Mac OS,Android, Solaris