Panel Pad Reader

ID Tech Solutions provides Panel Pad reader or panel pad rfid reader which are absolutely compactible and are specifically designed for reading rfid tags. The unique anti-slippery design, makes it easy to put products over it as well to read the rfid tags. The anti-friction series own anti-metal function and can read small RFID tags stably in metal surrounding.

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Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz
Compatible protocols: ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 mode1, ISO18000-3 mode3, ISO14443A/B
RF Power: 0.2W
Anti-metal design, the performance will not be affected when place on the metal surface.
With quickly anti-collision algorithm, the identify speed can up to 50pcs/sec
Reading Distance: 5-20cm (The distance is related to card character)
Support EMI detection, can detect whether there is interference around
Be capable of automatically turning off RF once standby
Integrated design, built-in read/write module and antenna.
Communicate Interface: USB
Power supply: 12V DC, ≤400mA or USB 5V
Woke modes: Host mode, scanning mode (setup through software).