RFID Cards

UHF RFID Cards are one the smart cards provided by ID Tech Solutions which can be used in different industries as per the applications. These cards work on Radio Frequency technology. These have an antenna inside to be read and a chip to store data. The RFID cards are contactless and can be read from a distance. These are extensively used in various identification and authentication applications.

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ID Tech Solutions manufactures and supplies ultra high quality UHF RFID Cards also known RFID smart cards or long range rfid cards. These UHF RFID cards are widely used in schools, colleges, campuses, offices for attendance, access control and other custom applications. Apart from this these cards are widely in demand for health care industry, banking industry, entertainment, transportation, access control, government identification, etc.

Our RFID cards provide the most beautiful and accurate reproduction of the artwork with a mirror like finish and a scratch resistant surface. We also provide Plastic Card Printers of premium quality from top brands. The UHF RFID cards manufactured by us are highly durable and long- lasting and are both pleasing to the eye as well as highly practical. We manufacture and deliver these Long Range UHF RFID cards for clients across all industries and across the length and breadth of India. We are manufacturers of these cards and carry many years’ experience and have a long list of satisfied clients, who have benefited from our excellent cards. Increasingly with multiple application running on the same smart card ID Tech has perfected the art of creating a single card with Dual Inlays which are also known as multi frequency cards. So a single card could contain a HF Inlay for secure transactions and the limitation of being read over a distance could be achieved by a UHF Inlay.


Specifications of UHF RFID Cards:

RFID ICIC ManufacturerRF ProtocolMemory
EM4102/EM4100EM MICROELECTRONIC/64bit Unique R/O
Atmel T5567Atmel/330 bit R/W
Hitag 1NXP-Philips/2048 bit EEPROM
Hitag 2NXP-Philips/256 bit R/W
Hitag S SeriesNXP-Philips/256-2048 bit EEPROM

High Frequency 13.56KHz

RFID ICIC ManufacturerRF ProtocolMemory
MIFARE® Ultralight ® (NXP)NXP-PhilipsISO 14443A512-bit EEPROM
Tag-it HF Ti2048Texas Instrument(TI)ISO 14443A2K-bit EEPROM
Legic MIM256LegicLegic RF Standard256-Byte EEPROM

Ultra High Frequency 868-915MHz

RFID ICIC ManufacturerRF ProtocolMemory
ALN – 9640AlienEPC Class1 Gen2.ISO 18000-6CEPC memory allocation: 96/128 bit User Memory 512 bits
ALN – 9662AlienEPC Class1 Gen2.ISO 18000-6CEPC memory allocation: 96/128 bit User Memory 512 bits
Monza® 4QT chipIMPINJEPC Class1 Gen2.ISO 18000-6CEPC memory allocation: 96/128 bit User Memory 512 bits

RFID cards can be customized with many of the same options and features available on our standard plastic cards. They include the following:

  • Full color process on one or both sides
  • Thermal printing of text, name, PIN numbers or automated lists may be printed directly on each piece.
  • Embossing with gold, silver, or black tipping (other colors available for 5k or more).
  • Hole punching – slot, round, various sizes and shapes are available.
  • Sequential numbering or individual serial numbering with provided database.
  • Signature and custom signature panels are available
  • Scratch-off overlay panels for special promotions and contests.
  • Hi-Co or Lo-Co Magnetic stripe encoding on tracks 1, 2, or 3.
  • Bar coding in multiple formats available.
  • Multiple finishes like Matte, Frosted, or UV coated.
  • White stock PVC, Clear, or Frosted Clear.
  • Foil Stamping in gold or silver for a brilliant attraction.
  • Metallic colors in gold or silver for a sparkling look.
  • For die cuts/special shapes and sizes, some restriction may apply. Please email us the dye line before you create the artwork for your custom shape.