RFID Active Tags

ID Tech Solutions provides extensive range of RFID Active tags, which are comprised of readers, tags, and antennas; however, whereas passive systems require the tags to be energized by the reader, active RFID systems utilize battery powered RFID tags that require no energy from the reader to send a signal.

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RFID Active Tags are generally having three essentials parts, a reader or interrogator, antenna, and a tag. Active RFID tags posses their own power source, an internal battery, that enables them to have extremely long read ranges as well as large memory bank. These battery typically lasts for 3-5 years.

RFID Active Tags are generally of two different kinds i.e. Transponders and Beacons.

Transponder Active RFID Tags: In a system tat uses an active transponder tags, the reader( like passive systems) will send a signal first, and then the active transponder will send a signal back with the relevant information. Transponder tags are very efficient because they conserve battery life when the tags is out of the from the reader. Active RFID transponders are commonly used in secure access control, in toll booth payment system and in various customised applications.

Beacon Active RFID Tags: In a system that uses beacon tags, the tag will not wait to hear the reader’s signal. Instead, as it’s name depicts, the tag will beacon or send out its specific information every 3-5 seconds. Beacon tags are very commonly used in oil and gas industry, as well as in mining and cargo tracking applications.

Active RFID tags or RFID Active tags Provided by Id Tech Solutions, possess their own power source and transmitter enabling the tag to broadcast its signal and can easily transmit data upto 100 meters, performance capabilities include longer read ranges and greater memory capacities when compared to passive RFID tags. Typically, active RFID tags are powered by a long life battery that will last a few years, but will eventually require replacing.


Specifications Of RFID Active Tags:

                                                                        RFID Active Tags
ElectricalOperating Frequency2.4 to 2.48GHz
ProtocolISO/IEC 18000-4
Read Distance0-200 Meters (Reader Dependent)
Chip TypeTypeNA
MechanicalIP RatingIP 67

Environment Protection

Storage Temperature-30°C to 65°C
Operating Temperature-30°C to 65°C
Expected Life Time6 Year Life
Options Available MountingAdhesive
Areas of Application                  School Automation, Container Tracking, Highway Toll Collection