RFID Laundry Tags

ID Tech Solutions provides a wide range of Eco friendly soft silicone rfid laundry tags which are the ideal choice for tracking laundered items such as garments, robes and towels It is great to be used in hospitals, nursing homes and garment industries and the hospitality. The 360° read profile means you can track the tags from any angle. Flexible low-profile design offers versatile attachment methods. Sew these soft silicone rfid laundry tags directly into the seams and hems of garments, blankets and other products; heat-seal tags onto fabrics; or place them in small pouches, then stitch into a seam or hem. The soft silicone rfid laundry tags can be dry cleaned or washed more than 500 times in hot, soapy water with expected life span of 5 years. Resistant to high temperatures, tags can be ironed at 200°F with a press cloth for up to 10 seconds, placed in a dryer for up to an hour at 185°F and/or sterilized in an autoclave.

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                                                                 RFID Laundry Tags
Features Specifications Description
Electrical Operating Frequency 840-960 MHz EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2
Protocol ISO/IEC 18000-6C compliant
Read Distance Reader Dependent
Chip Type Type Alien Higgs-4, Monza 4/ 4QT/5
Memory 512 bit
Mechanical IP Rating IP 67
Dimensions Variable
Material Silicon/Linen

Environment Protection

Storage Temprature -25°C to +70°C
Operating Temprature -20°C to +150°C
Expected Life Time 5 Years
Options Available  Mounting Adhesive, Stiching
Customization Logo Printing, Colour
Areas of Application                                  Garment & Laundry Tracking